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Fees for B2B Writing Packages

Projects can differ greatly but here are some typical rates.
(Discounts available for monthly packages of at least 4 months)

Blog posts (300 - 600 words): $300 - $600
By-line feature articles (700- 2000 words): $700 - $2,000
Case Studies: $900 - $1200
White Paper: $2,000 - $4,000
Website pages: $200 - $600
Brochures: $400 - $600 per panel

We apply our content creation skills to many different formats, including: Kindle books/eBooks

  • Slide shows
  • Special Reports
  • webinars
  • Videos
  • teleseminar scripts
  • Design and visualizations

For a price quote contact us.


B2B Email Writing

While there are many different kinds of email, I divide email into 3 main categories. We make sure each delivers the punch you need for your businesses:

  1. email newsletters
    An email newsletter is the best lead nurturer there is. An ongoing newsletter enables you to stay in touch with prospects, point out products and services, and moves prospects closer to the sale. Prices are aligned with the basic content writing fees above.
  2. autoresponder (drip campaigns)
    Autoresponder sequences are the most versatile and probably the most powerful email tool of all. A good autoresponder helps build your relationship with the prospect and then delivers the call to action in the right time and the right place. A well mapped out sequence will get you more sales than just about anything else. Fee: generally between $300 and $450 per email.
  3. email sales broadcasts
    Here you flat out ask for the order. It's essentially a sales letter or a promotion formatted for email. Can be a short intro that leads to a blog post or sales page. Or a sales letter can be built right into the email. Generally the fee is aligned with the cost of a sales page.


Sales Copy/Conversion Writing

Here are the 2 essential conversion/sales writing projects we work on

1) Opt-in landing pages

The secret to creating leaning pages that convert is testing. So we created our landing page lab that combines our writing skill with testing. Here's how it works.

Landing Page Lab Process

  1. We create copy and design for a landing page. At the same time we create an alternative with a different headline, subhead and first line or two.
  2. We monitor the results for each version and analyze the results. The winner landing page remains and the other one gets deleted.
  3. You then send traffic to the winning opt-in landing page. (smart companies continue to test other alternatives against the winners)

Fee: to come up with concepts, write and design a landing page generally runs between $795-$1400, depending on length (purchase of any stock photos is additional).

The first test will include setting up an alternative landing page with a different headline and subhead. There is no charge for this alternative page.

Landing pages with a video

We create landing pages with videos using images, titles, voiceover and music. If you want to do a face to camera video, we can write the script.

  • Fee for the video runs between $400 - $1,000, depending on length.

(Note: we also offer multi-variate testing. Talk to us about pricing)

Call me at 888-65-09714 or write me at [email protected]

2) Sales Pages

Sales pages for b2b projects run the gamut from short descriptions of products to long scrolling pages designed to get people to pay for high priced products and services such as seminars, consulting and more.

Short form sales pages can run between $1500 and $3,000+
Long form (10 to 30 pages can be $5,000 - $10,000+)

There is an additional fee for sales letter videos, which include the cost of production, voiceover, mixing editing and final file rendering.

If you're looking for sales pages and sales letter videos money page that make you more money and bring you more customers, call me at 888-65-09714 or write me at leon @

Contact me if you want to put email to work for your business.

Call Leon Altman at 888-650-9714 or write to leon AT


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